• Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
Sturla Management
Would you like Sturla at your event? To visit your company? To visit your school? To provide advice on teambuilding and teamwork to your personel? Are you looking for any marketing tips?

Sturla Management is the way we find to bring the four-time Ironman Brazil champion and the TOP 10 in the world closer to you. We offer some possibilities and we are also open to new suggestions.

A 25-year professional career in sports. Eduardo Sturla is used to face big challenges, victories, disappointments and also the unexpected. Having objectives and working hard to achieve them is routine work for the athlete that has to train from 8 to 10 hours a day – rain or shine. This is what makes Sturla an expert in Ironman, one of the best athletes in the world of sports and the best in Latin America.

His strength, determination and constant thirst for self-improvement call big companies’ attention. These companies, which encourage their executives and other employees, use the sportsman’s life as an example in talks and seminars.

Eduardo Sturla offers conferences to the public, who establish a parallelism between the world of sports with its training routine and competition and the universe of big companies, which also have tests and objectives that must be fulfilled.

And as it is necessary to deal with competitors, achievements, disappointments, victories, defeats and stress.

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Sturla Management offers:
  • Workshops & Talks for companies
  • Conferences for teams, athletes and sports events
  • Participation in events
  • School visits
  • Photos for publicity
  • Sports Marketing
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E-mail contact: info@eduardosturla.com

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Sturla participates in the Mc Donald's Happy Day.

Sturla signing autographs for some students.

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