• Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
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You’re an Ironman!

Thursday, 30 de May de 2013

Eduardo Sturla

Last Sunday, May 26, I ran my 12th Ironman Brazil in the 13th editions from the race in Florianopolis. Since that first win in 2001, been many years, many experiences and I grew over the years as a person and as an athlete. Triathlon has taken me to places I never dreamed of, I have traveled the world and that has enriched me enormously and given me a new vision.

At first the sport was a game for me, a therapy, something new, and slowly and with great sacrifice was changing into my work. It was natural, a process of many years who was giving thanks to a clear vision of my dreams and unflappable determination. The fact to grow in Argentina made things much more difficult, but also gave me a strength and a vision of things much more positive and optimistic compared to athletes from other countries, used to have things less complicated.

Today I want to enjoy the game, recovering the essence of it, which for me is also a lifestyle. The spirit of the sport when I started was the challenge, to surpass oneself, to break down barriers. Then in high competition we forget a little of this, and we're just with the number 1 on the head and anything less than this is never enough. Even to achieve our goal, as I made my dream come true in 2008 when I was 10th in the Ironman World Champs Hawaii. Years later I had to reinvent myself. How to move on after what I most want to achieve in my life just happened? How to continue? There you go, you have to stay motivated, because in the end I do what I love, what I chose to do and that's a great privilege. So whenever I cross the finish line with a smile even in my worst day, it’s because I do what I love and when you do what you love, you always wins.

Running Ironman Brazil is always very special to me. It was where I won my first big race and where I think I started in professional sports. I will never forget when I crossed the finish line in 2001 and transformed from "Eduardo who (who)?" To "Eduardo Sturla".

This year I am with new personal projects that involve many changes in my life. Among them the fact that I move out of Argentina to Brazil for a few months. It is part of a much bigger transition that will come later. That involved some logical changes but is part of the process. At some point we want to do new things and new is not always swimming, biking and running.

I arrived in Floripa very well prepared and eager to run. I swam well, but I made a conservative bike. I wanted to make my race without worrying much with others, but mostly without much pressure. The difference when I won in 2001 and now is that before nobody expected anything from me and now all eyes turn to me. That's a heavy load that we must know how to wear. I went to run with a group of 6 athletes and began an intense pace discounting in time. Are the risks that you have to make in a race. Around km 18 I started to have a strong colic I did not sustain the pace. I had to walk for miles and stop many times to go to the bathroom. I could hold a TOP 8 to km 30, but then I could not anymore. There I bumped into the famous wall: stop or go?

My motto is "Never give up". That's not a fluke and not just a phrase. It is an attitude towards life. I've always been a fighter, I always look forward my dreams more complicated and difficult they might seem. So my choice was to move on. At that time might have given up, but as I said before, my vision is different today. The spirit of sport as well told is the challenge, to overcome, to fight against adversity. We all went through the same thing, even who already made thousands of Ironmans.

Then, on May 26 was a day to learn, never too late and never too much to go through new experiences and learn to deal with the new. I finished. 08:55:46. Mission accomplished. And my 35th Ironman.

The important is not to win every day, but to always fight and never give up!




Eddie's career at Ironman Brazil

1999 (Porto Seguro) – 6th place
2001 (Florianópolis) – 1st place
2002 – 3rd place
2003 – 3rd place
2004 – 7th place
2006 – 7th place
2007 – 3rd place
2008 – 1st place
2009 – 1st place
2010 – 4th place
2011 – 1st place ** 4 times Ironman Brazil winner and mayor winner from the race
2012 – 7th place
2013 – 14th place

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Elizabeth dice:

Congrats on finishing in such tough conditions! I wonder sometimes if it’d be better to cut our losses when we are not getting the time we know are capable of, and then save the energy for another try. Also cut down on recovery time. But again, we signed onto endurance sports to finish no matter what circumstances we are and not just to podium, right? Do you agree? Espero que la proxima sea mejor! Saludos y Felicitaciones!


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