• Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
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I’m a survivor!

Thursday, 28 de April de 2011

Eduardo Sturla

Actually I am a survivor. The fact that I decided to stay and live and train in Buenos Aires is a daily fight against windmills. I assume the decision I made at the time, but when I look back and see what I did, really I am a hero. It is not arrogance, it is reality, and something that really encourages me every day: "If I could, I can again."

After the last 2 months living in Australia, the truth is that I came back changed, but something - unfortunately - does not fit the reality of my country. I came back from a place where people work every day, without holidays, pay taxes, respect the rules. I can not pretend that here is the same. I do want to work, progress, go forward and it seems every step I am fighting against a system that i will never win. Please friends, do not misunderstand me. In a whole there is always exceptions. I stayed here because not everything is bad, of course not, here I found many things I needed to move forward, including working people. But i'm not talking about that. I speak of the mass, the thought of the whole society and not their exceptions.

Going against all is a reality for any athlete who lives in Argentina (both in Buenos Aires or any other province). People still did not understand that this is a profession like any other, we have to work, meet schedules, earning a salary. Perhaps much more difficult from an ordinary job, but I do not take credit for anyone, because for sure everyone does what is posible and make their own sacrifices. But the triathlon is my job, my life is what made me win some very important things over the years. And you want to know? Living in Argentina. It's when I say that after 2 months living in a system where you go out into the street and people brak their cars so you can pass with the bike, I look back and think about all I could, living and training here, and I think I did a miracle - for obvious reasons, I think it goes without saying.

The outpouring really ended when I found out yesterday that my name was removed from the list sent to the FAT (Argentinian Triathlon Federation) to the Cenard (National Center for High Performance). With the justification that I am an athlete "long distance" and not "Olympic." What are we talking? In Argentina one day there was a "program for Olympic athletes"? ... .... Well, the question is to enter the Cenard I need a medical certificate, pay a fee to the FAT and send a "CD of sporting history." The truth, that I think really great if it were a rule that all are compliant and that in the Cenard were ALL the best athletes in our country, even OLYMPIC away. But definetly is NOT LIKE THAT. That is not the reality. They ask me a "CD of sporting history" seems an insult. And worse still refuse my entry into the "NATIONAL CENTER FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE" when the country has 2 "crazy cats" who make decently this distance in the country seems extreme lack of respect, consideration and an insult by someone who represents us! When I was top 10 in Hawaii and my photo was on the back cover of Ole or The Nation (the 2 main newspapers from here), everybody called to congratulate me, to say that "good that you are Argentine, "you are a national pride". But when I ask CONDITIONS to train, develop my work, I have not. What do you think? I am asking something wrong? I am asking for something that i doesn't deserve? Something that I didn't to deserve? In what world do we live? In what country I live? If we had 100 top athletes, I understand, but we are two - one, two - and we have no support? You tell me?? If the rules were applied 100% to 100% of the people inside the Cenard, i would prepared with great pleasure all the material I requested. Beyond that it seems ridiculous to me a "CD of sporting history" ... ... ... ... .

Well, never mind, I will enforce the rule as requested, and Friday I am going to send the "requirements" to the FAT and then tell you what happened. I will follow the rules, as they want, I want to be judged with honesty and seriousness that corresponds, and to respect the caliber of athlete I am, the accomplishments that I have and the fact that i just ask to train as a world class athlete and the only one who stayed at home and legitimately represent the argentinian flag.

I want you to know that my anger is to try to do better and always find a brake and worse, a brake from people involved in our own sport. Respect for the triathlete, professional athlete no longer exists - that is if they ever existed ... .. Are things and things that are repeated every day, and then I exploded. Anyway, as you well know I have a mind of steel and I have the good fortune of having many people around me who support me, swell for me and pulled me forward. But well, I really do not want to poison. I returned renovated with fantastic energy, after training in Australia. Writing this post it seems to be a waste of time, because unfortunately it is to fall into the gossip, because once again nothing will happen. I do not believe more in this country. I do not believe that i can do anything else for this country. Here, what you have to do is to plug your ears and go forward, because unfortunately there are no real rules that we enforce. And then comes the mediocrity. But I'm not like that. Here is "who can save yourselves," and so I say: I am a survivor.

They throw stones, I build a castle. I keep moving ahead, my next goal is close, and there i will be there with more hunger, because these things dosen't male me weak, but give me more strength (beyond that I do not like to happen ....). And I can not deny that the countdown has started, and is going faster than before.

Eduardo Martin Sturla

TOP 10 Ironman Hawaii 2008

2 x TOP 15 Ironman Hawaii 2001, 2007

1 x TOP 20 Ironman Hawaii 2009

3 x Ironman Brazil Champion

17 TOP Podiuns in 25 Ironmans raced. All representing Argentina.

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Martin: No se admirar tu decision de quedarte en baires o decirte que que salgas de ahi lo mas pronto posible, estas en una edad ideal para triunfar en la distacia ironman y seria una pena terminar una carrear pensando “que hubiese pasado si me hubiese ido a otro lugar”. Lo bueno es que no necesito decirte que condiciones existen afuera, no especificamente para los tiratletas pero para gnete en genral y como ese se ve en absolutamente todo lo que pasa en la vida diaria. Mucha gente que conoces ha tomado la decision hace mucho tiempo y terecomiendo que hables con ellos a nivel personal. Es una decision MUY dura pero ahora que tenes una familia es algo mas para tener en cuenta. Ojala que lo tuyo se resuelva y te deseo coo siempre lo mejor.


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