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  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
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Sunday, 04 de July de 2010

Eduardo Sturla

One of the things that make the sport are friends. I was surprised today to open the blog of my friend and training partner, Victor Dobaño, and faced with a note that I swear I did not ask for... hahaha - lol ... It was a pleasure to read the lines written by him and i want to thank in public. I will speak better by email! Well folks, here is the article and the link to his website: www.victordobano.blogspot.com

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Eduardo Martín Sturla, champion and master

It is not the first time I talk about people I admire in the world of triathlon. Without going any further, last week I dedicated my entry into Richard Calle.

Today I want to post to my readers, that the best long distance triathlete from South America in recent years, Eduardo Sturla Martin (Martin to his closest friends), is released directly to the preparation of future champions and finishers. And it does so through his new website, http://www.eduardosturla.com.

Making a small condensed summary of his most important results, we can begin with 20 years of triathlon in his arms and legs, his 8 startss as professional in Hawaii (this year will be his ninth ...), his 14 times Ironman top10 podiuns, his three victories in the IM Brazil, cycling record time (4h 23 min) in 2009, and his 10th place in Hawaii 2008. All this is just the top of the iceberg. In two words: IM-presive.

One thing more, his main sponsor, AVIA, is precisely that of our champions Eneko and Virginia ... and the strong man is the signature sport throughout South America.

For those who do not know, I met Martin in 2000 at the ITU World Championship Long Distance, in Nice, where this very important race (the most traditional long after Hawaii), it remains at a distance C, 130 kms of cycling very similar to that now runs through the IM.

I was competing as age group and traveled with Amand Redondo y Joan Pallàs de Manresa. There, in the parade of countries, Martin was alone with the Argentinian flag in his hands. We talked all the pasta-party and he gave me his email.

Later my fate was linked with Argentina and I resumed contact with him in each of the trips I have made to this spectacular land. I've been lucky enough to train and compete with him and see his enormous potential. In Florianopolis I saw him win with authority, and Rio de Janeiro, where I was kindly invited by the family of his wife, sweated sweat bullets training under extreme conditions. Martin and Renata (his wife), married this June in Rio. I was invited, but I could not go. A pity ...

But let's get to the point, the reason for this post on my blog, as I said, is to make public his services as a personal trainer. If you go to his website, under the heading of targeted training, you can see the possibilities. I owe to my club and we have a first class coach (Ivan Muñoz), but for those looking for other technical link, here you'll find great opportunities.

I know there are many triathletes do not have time to join the training group, or prefer more exclusive treatment for a personal trainer. Interestingly, following the opening of its new website, the third country in the world with more visits is being Spain.

Martin top 10 on the 30th anniversary of IM Hawaii ...

In the plans of Martin is coming to Europe certain seasons, and if things go well, we'll see him in my team, the CNPrat-triatló, shortly. It will be an honor for me, and a luxury for the team, no doubt!

Anyway, I hope some of you enter Martin’s web and see what i mean.

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