• Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
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Martin - I won - Eduardo

Friday, 10 de September de 2010

Eduardo Sturla

Hi Friends,

A friend wrote to me some lines that really moved me. The translation isn't perfect but i'm sure you can understand. Thanks for all good vibes and that really helps me to move forward. Never give up! Ed Sturla

Martin - I won - Eduardo

""I1" was the ID number of the Hawaiian home in which Martin Sturla was going through the days before the Ironman 2009, and was exactly the comment from his wife Renata who noticed that their English pronunciation resulted in the expression "I won" - translated into Spanish, "Yo gané." That may not be just the beginning of a metamorphosis and repeated countless times: the conversion of the individual athlete, or, for us, Eduardo Martin.

Sturla, without moving from his hometown, and then living from Ironman in Argentina, got a famous brand of sportswear giant outdoor placed on Cabildo Avenue a few blocks from his home, located in the neighborhood of Nuñez. Unlike what usually happens with professional athletes, those posters did not travel the world while he participates in races all weekends. Martin, by contrast, typically spend most of the year dealing pedals in KDT and runs between the circuit and the forests of Palermo. Only two fall trips well marked two goals: Ironman Brazil and the challenge of Hawaii.

However, those who had the chance to meet Martin are well aware that there are some very sharp features in his personality. The truth is that Sturla has professionalized from an instinct: the search for number 1. That instinct to always push harder and to the top.

I think one of the psychic fuel that has brought more results have been displayed in the next edition of a race taking the number one, tightly sealed in the arms and legs, because of having won the previous edition of the same. It was that number that Eduardo got in Florianópolis 2001, and was then that with which he took off in 2002. It was that number that sought for years and returned at 2008 and 2009. That number was also leading almost tattooed at the start of Brazil 2010. And it was this number which was to search every single time he ran in Hawaii. Get 13 in 2001 and 2007, 19 in 2009, and the fabulous top 10 in 2008, were simply the result of that relentless quest.

Today, it is a fact that the number 1 usually appears on the arm of Martin, we see large posters in the street or in a small poster that decorates the dining room of KDT. With that number, actually, Martin has dreamed more than once. That number is Eduardo, while running, he takes between the eyes. From your search, Sturla has forged his career, to the point that at this point seem to see Eduardo everywhere, including the identifier of a home the days prior to challenge. While Martin pursues, Eduardo strives to seal it again in your body. This is how between Martin and Eduardo, 1 becomes "one", and this, in turn, becomes "I won" (I won).

Go hard! Never give UP!

Emiliano Battista "

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Te pasaste, Emiliano… Qué bien vertidos todos y cada uno de los conceptos sobre la personalidad de Martín, y lo que gravita en torno a él… Buenísimo…


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) dice:

Hola emi, como va? Está muy bueno el texto que escribiste para el ël team sturla¨, yo creo que va a ayudar muchisimo en esos últimos metros…Quisiera preguntarte si sabés si puedo ver la competencia por algún canal en vivo.Estuve buscando en la programación de espn y no hay nada…Desde ya muchas gracias and… never give up martin!!!!


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