• Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
  • Eduardo Martín Sturla - Florianópolis 2011 - 4X IRONMAN CHAMPION
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A thin line

Sunday, 02 de November de 2014

Eduardo Sturla

For many years I was a professional triathlete. For me, the definition of “professional triathlete” is an athlete that is able to live 100% of the sport. Your life is based in training, resting, eating, competing, earning money on races and also with sponsors. As far you don’t do anything else than that, you are a professional athlete.

I had been a professional triathlete for many years. I lived from triathlon training, racing, winning races and having amazing sponsors along my way. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity considering that I was a pro triathlete in South America what make things a little bit harder. I’ve already mentioned in previous posts what I needed to do for training, right? Such as riding in a 1.2 km bike track or won’t be allowed to use the only running track available in my city because I wasn’t racing an olympic sport or during my running sessions people yelling at me “go get a job” and things like that. But when I look back I know how lucky I was to find people and companies that gave me not only economical support to do this but emotional contention to keep going. I have a huge appreciation for all those people and it’s undeniable that all of them are part of my career as a triathlete. But since I moved to Australia things changed a bit. I needed to focus on living more than focus on racing. I needed to focus on put my life together than to train to go faster.

My first months living in Melbourne were really tuff. I needed to realize that being a professional athlete maybe wasn’t an option anymore. After doing that and JUST that for 25 years I was a little bit confused where to start. I knew that the priority wasn’t racing and besides, I knew that my body is getting older. I can’t recover from the hard training sessions as before. I was tired of that exhaustion feeling, I couldn’t walk !! Believe me or not but running was easier!! I had a feeling that I needed to sleep for 2 years to recover from everything I had on my body and that’s not good.

During this time I found lots of support of my wife Renata, she was always saying that the sport is part of me and of course, the day to retire from being a professional athlete would arrive. We always knew that, but you don’t really know WHEN it’s going to happen. You kind of say to yourself “ok, one more year”, and then “ok, one more race”, but then there’s a point that you don’t want to be anyone’s trophy. I don’t want to race pro just to say that I am a pro…. I know what I did in the sport and the results I had, and the splits I used to do, but there’s nothing I can do against getting older. She helped me to realize that’s not bad to stop racing as pro and why not consider racing as an age group? The expectations changes, there’s no pressure besides myself (that at this point is already good enough), but the main simple thing: my priorities in life changed. The other thing I realized is that I am finally living in a place that gives me all the best conditions to train, here you breathe sport everywhere you go, so why I am going to stop?

This “age group thing” was in my head. So I just gave time to time. I picked up my training again, I organise my routine with work, I finally feel that Melbourne is more my home and I still have some great supporters that I’ve been talking about this and they encouraged me to keep going. So after several months thinking I am proud to realize that my love for this sport is bigger than my ego. So on the 16th november I will do my first age group race in the 40 - 44, the Challenge Shepparton. I feel like restarting, I have no idea how it feels to have hundreds of people in front of me in a start line. I will try my best and let’s see what happens.

There’s a thin line between being a pro and an age group in this sport. In my mindset, now I live an amateur life style. I train because I love the sport, because I’m loving living in Melbourne - where I have all the structure to train. I also love to coach, that’s what I do in most of my time and I need to be realistic with my new priorities in life. I’m happy with this decision and I’m having fun in the process. And as I’ve always said: never give up on what makes you happy.

I am proud to acknowledge that new stage of my life and I hope to have some fun out there and why not maybe winning some races?

Never give up!
Eddie Sturla

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Sincero e comovente o seu depoimento. Demonstra uma enorme energia positiva e otimismo. Espero que com esse seu amadurecimento,  você seja perseverante como as ondas do mar, que fazem de cada recuo um ponto de partida para um novo avanço.
Tudo tem sua hora e o seu momento.
Desejo-lhe muita sorte.


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) dice:

Nada na vida pode ser temido, somente compreendido
Chegou a sua hora de compreender mais para temer menos.
Saudade. Bjs


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